The first week – finding out!

I am a young mum with an 11 week old baby girl. My life has changed so much since I found out I was a pregnant. My little girl was never planned, that’s not saying she was a mistake, she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and my partner. I’ll start from the beginning. On the 6th August 2016 me and my partner got ready to go out for the night. I was SO looking forward to letting my hair down after a long week at work. I spent all night drinking gin. At the time I thought this was a great idea, until the next morning and I felt like I had been hit by a truck with metal spikes for wheels. This truck was reversing over my head several times. Two days later and I still didn’t feel right. Something just didn’t settle with me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I spoke to a friend from work and explained how I was feeling and she straight away said ‘YOUR PREGNANT’. I just laughed it off, I was taking the pill, there’s no way I could be pregnant I thought.

Days passed and I still hadn’t recovered from this ‘hangover’. I mentioned to my partner what my friend from work had said and he agreed with me, there’s no way I could be pregnant. I decided to go buy a ‘cheapy’ test from the supermarket. I say ‘cheapy’ they are all like £8/£9 nowadays. Ridiculous. Anyway, once I had gotten over the price I had just paid so I could pee on a stick to confirm I was not pregnant I waited until I needed the loo and used the test. I sorted myself out and put the test up on the side and left it three minutes like it advised. There it was. So faint but so there. I panicked and ran into the other room to show my partner and prepare for him to have a break down.

‘That’s too faint to be positive babe’ he said.

I took a picture of the test and sent it to my friend from work who then told me you could not get a false positive only a false negative and no matter how faint the line is if it’s there, it’s there. Sh*t I thought. I’m in no position to have a baby. At this point we still lived with my parents. My friend from work told me to go purchase a clear blue test from the pharmacy and to take the test first thing in the morning and it would tell me how many weeks roughly I was. So that’s what I did. The next morning, before my partner went to work, I peed on the test and left it to work. I glanced down at it and there it was. Clear as day. 1-2 weeks pregnant.

Me and my partner agreed that we would tell no one. Just keep it between us until we had seen a doctor to confirm that I was actually pregnant. No matter how many tests I took it never seemed to sink in that I was actually pregnant. I was a party girl. Worked Monday to Friday and let my hair down every weekend, loved going out shopping and treating myself. All this was about to change, but for the better.

The next day I woke up with really bad cramping pains and I automatically thought that something was seriously wrong. I rang the doctors surgery and explained everything. I told them how many tests I had done and the reading that the clear blue test gave me. They gave me an appointment the same day. I arrived at the doctors and gave them a urine sample. She did confirm that I was pregnant but they wanted me to go up to the maternity unit and have some further tests done to make sure that everything was right. I was worried, I didn’t know what to think. So much had happened in the last days my brain was fried. I arrived at the maternity unit and they asked me to have a scan. But first I had to drink two litres of water and not go to the toilet. My god. How painful is it to hold your pee after drinking two blinking litres of water! The nurse took my blood and told me she would see it off to lab to check my HCG levels and told me that if the reading was over a certain amount I would need to return in 48 hours for another blood test to ensure that my HCG levels were rising.

I went down to the ultrasound room and jumped on the bed. I was by myself as my partner was unable to get out of work as we were in no position to tell anyway what was going off. The woman poured the warm jelly onto my belly and I sat there staring at the screen. I will never forget that moment. A week ago I was no where near ready to have a baby and now I find myself staring at the ultrasound screen hoping all is OK with my baby. There it was. A tiny, tiny little blob on the screen. ‘Your defiantly pregnant, everything is growing in the correct places, I would say you are around 5 weeks’ she said. I was so relieved. I had to go back for another scan in 2-3 weeks to just double check. When I found out I’d see my baby on screen again soon I was so happy. Also knowing my partner would be able to come too made it so much more special. I returned to the maternity unit 48 hours later and had my bloods redone. The results came back and everything was fine, my HCG levels were still rising, In fact quadrupling!


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